Tip Sheets

The following tip sheets deal with phishing emails, online banking, Facebook privacy, password management, and more. Feel free to download these resources as reference guides, and share them!

KCF TipSheet Facebook Privacy.pdf

Facebook Privacy

How to maintain your privacy while using Facebook.

KCF TipSheet How to Pick a Password Manager.pdf

How to Pick a Password Manager?

How to choose the best password manager to help you with your passwords.

KCF TipSheet How To Track Your Data.pdf

How to Track Your Data?

How to prevent, prepare, and protect your data online.

KCF TipSheet Malware.pdf


How to prevent malicious files from getting onto your devices.

KCF TipSheet Online Banking.pdf

Online Banking

How to safely use online banking services without getting scammed.

KCF TipSheet Password Management.pdf

Password Management

Best practices on making passwords and storing them.

KCF TipSheet Phishing.pdf


How to detect and avoid phishing schemes trying to steal your money and information.

KCF TipSheet Two Factor Authentication.pdf

Two-Factor Authentication

How to use two-factor authentication to add a layer of security.

KCF TipSheet What to do after a Breach.pdf

What to Do After a Breach?

How to react when your information has been stolen online.

KCF TipSheet Covid-19 Scams.pdf

Covid-19 Scams

Tips on how to protect yourself from Covid-19 technology scams

KCF TipSheet Rental Scams.pdf

Rental Scams

How to avoid being the victim of online scams in the rental market